Thursday, August 28, 2008


I don't know who will read this blog, or even why I started it. The idea came to me I guess when my friend started her blog: Our Life in Maine. So, I don't know what I will write about or who will listen to it anyway, but I am going to write something. I guess I'll start with my day. Nothing to eventful happened, but I have to start somewhere. Today I had to do custodial work at my way over priced private school (where I was forced to go for my high school education) to pay off my high school bill. That was fun, we cleaned bathrooms. Yes! My dream job! At least my supervise, Jo, was nice. He wears Abrcombie every day, which is kinda weird since he's like 60. Anyway, I am new to this weird school so I have to make new friends. (Although I am perfectly fine with my old ones.) I guess I did, but they aren't anything like me. I don't even understand how we could get along, that's how different we are. At least I have some one to sit with at lunch, so I won't be that nerd who sits by them selves. Don't you just hate being that girl? I have been that girl on numerous occasions, so I have no disrespect for those kind of people I just don't want to be that, again. I was hoping to be like that awesome drama geek who has an incredible singing voice when I entered high school. But I'm more along the lines of the rebellious teen who doesn't want to be there. Oh, well in time I shall redeem my tittle of awesome drama geek. Or maybe I will become the shallow low life with a lame blog. I guess your just gunna have to keep reading my lame blog to find out. :O
Till next time.....

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